PR Institute of Ireland

As a membership of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (MPRII) and the Kerry Business Womens Network (KBN), Nicola O’ Sullivan and Associates works to develop continued networking and business development opportunities. This engagement ensures that we are up to date with ongoing developments in the PR and Marketing industry and beyond.

Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII)  - About PRII/ General Information

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) is dedicated to promoting the professional practice of public relations and communications in Ireland. PRII members are Public Relations and Communications professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and roles and working in consultancies, industry, government, semi-state, voluntary and business organisations.     

The depth and scope of PRII members’ backgrounds and working briefs reflect a considerable broadening of the role and responsibilities of PR professionals from the traditional media relations base and highlight its cross-functionality with a variety of disciplines including, journalism, advertising, marketing, legal, financial, healthcare and commercial functions. Members of PRII subscribe to a number of codes of ethics and best practice including the Code of Lisbon, the Code of Athens, the PRII Code of Practice for Public Affairs and Lobbying and Social Media Guidelines. These codes promote integrity and clear understanding in the implementation of public relations programmes and activities.      

PRII is a member of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management, the confederation of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing about 160,000 practitioners and academics around the world. The PRII is a company limited by guarantee, and CRO number is 104919. You can access the PRII’s Constitution here.


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