Content Marketing

At Nicola O’ Sullivan & Associates we believe that you cannot underestimate the importance of creating and increasing brand and business awareness through the generation of excellent content. Updating content regularly helps businesses to promote new products and services whilst driving traffic to the client website and enables businesses to stay in touch with valued customers.

Brown Thomas Book Club launch 2019

With over 15 years’ experience of writing published newspaper articles, newsletters, website content and creative ads and campaigns, Nicola O’ Sullivan & Associates has first-hand experience in creating effective content which plays a vital role in the marketing strategy of all successful businesses. We know that the right content will trigger a direct emotive response in the customer, thus, they will feel connected and want to engage with your brand, product or service.

We will help you to update your content or alternatively, we can give your site a complete, fresh overhaul in order to communicate effectively with your customer base and to help expand your brand awareness.

Additionally, we create interesting and informative content that can be used across multiple communication channels to suit your requirements. We will help you to expand your existing internal communication channels whilst also creating parallel content for external platforms, online, print and media.

We create exciting content that reflects the tone of your company and that will guarantee to grab your customers' attention. We are confident that our content management will keep your customers engaged, interested and returning to your site.


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